How To Save Space At Home By Installing Knee Wall Door

By Kenvin F / July 28, 2016
Knee Wall Door



As a person who wants to have a better place to live in, I seek for things to improve inside my home. I am the kind of person who will find ways to do something in my house that will enhance my lifestyle experience. I have an obsession with fixing anything or just adding some improvements at my home.

However, it is not an easy thing as almost every day; I want to be busy doing something like decorating the walls, rearranging the furniture and buying more appliances for our house. It is something that I can't help but do. It became one of my many obsessions especially when I am alone.

One of those obsessions is creating a knee wall storage. After realizing what I can do with those walls in my living and attic area, I decided to try adding them to my house. I quickly surfed the internet and watched several videos in making one. During that time, I was surprised to know that I could do it myself and it was pretty much an easy thing.



Therefore, I prepared the materials needed and checked the area where I would place them on. It was just really a piece of cake and required no professional knowledge. As such, I thought to myself that I must share this useful ideas and tips in building your own knee wall door at your home.

By reading this entire article, you can be able to build one easily without having somebody to do it for you. So, enjoy reading for your own knee wall storage and door construction.

What is a Knee Wall?

So, what really is a knee wall? We define "knee wall" as a vertical wall having a partial height. There is an attic space that can be found right behind them. Typically, knee wall doors are located in houses where finished attics exist. Also, they can be seen in dormer windows, those that are in storey houses.

Knee wall door


It is a fact that knee walls tend to have leaks and poor insulation. To build a knee wall which consumes less energy, you need to air seal it by applying conventional techniques. It is recommended that your knee wall must be insulated to achieve better results.

Also, the technique used in creating cathedral ceiling can be done to your knee walls. You can add a strong foam insulation over the framing as it is proven to be very effective.

A video below for more details about insulation of knee walls:

What is a Knee Wall Door?

There are different types of attic access. One of them is the knee wall door. To have sufficient amount of insulation, you have to air seal your living space. To have a solid seal against the wall, you must make sure that it is weather-stripped.

Knee wall door


Weatherstripping is a process wherein you seal the openings on your walls. It must also possess a latch so that it is tightly sealed. You have to use crews and adhesive to affix insulation to you're the door. If you think that the insulation is not enough, you must air seal the knee walls before proceeding to insulation. You can also perform insulated sheathing so that there will not be any problem associated with heating.

To watch an actual building of a knee wall door:

Why Do I Need a Knee Wall Storage and Door?

As someone who has not enough room for various stuffs at home, having an installed knee wall door is an excellent idea. It is very troublesome to add more items in your house when you only have limited space. Therefore, having a knee wall door installed in your home can save up lots of space at home.

If you have furniture that you want to purchase, you can just transfer some of the existing ones to your knee wall storage and it will serve as your storage room. You will no longer have to worry when you are buying more things for your home - your knee wall storage is a blessing to you!

Moreover, a knee wall door, if done properly can add to the overall beauty of your home. It is nice to see a door attached to a wall. It is beautiful and stylistic at the same time.


Knee wall door


Knee wall doors


How To Install a Knee Wall Door

In order for you to have a good and functioning knee wall door at your home, you must carefully follow certain procedures and plans. Usually, having a height of 3 feet, knee wall doors are mostly found in the attics.

Some say that you can just buy a pre-hung door for your knee wall storage. However, you can never be sure whether its size can meet your needs and expectations. We recommend that you use your materials at your home and cut according to your preference.

We know for a fact that there is enough space behind those walls that you can convert it to storage rooms, the reason why you need to install these. Building one is not much technical and you can finish it in minutes. Read and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Locate the place where you want your knee wall door to be installed. After doing so, you need to use a stud finder to find the studs in the knee wall. You will have to cut an opening between those studs. Then, you will install the doors over this opening.
Step 2: Using pencil and a measuring tape, mark the place where you are going to cut it with the drywall saw. In cutting the wall, a sawing motion must be observed. After cutting the wall, put aside the piece of wall and check if it is your desired measurement for your knee wall storage.


Step 3: Cut a ½" piece of plywood. You have to consider the length and height of your preferred knee wall storage. It will serve as your door. You can choose whether you are going to have a door or two. Paint it if you want it to look good.
Step 4: Last step that you will do is installing the metal hinges to the back of the plywood. Make sure that they are placed two inches from top and bottom corners. Install the metal hinges and test if the doors are tightly placed.
knee wall door



Adding a knee wall storage at home is a good idea to save space at home. It acts as your storage and it is up to you how you are going to use it. Have you enjoyed reading the entire article? We hope so! As such, we'd like to hear from you in the comment section. Thank you for reading!

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