What Are The Best Leather Work Gloves On The Market?

By Kenvin F / August 9, 2016

Having the best leather work gloves for use at home or at work is important. The main purpose of wearing work gloves is to protect the hands from cuts, abrasions, bruises, hard impact and friction injury. Gloves also protect the hands from extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold.


Uses Of Leather Work Gloves

Leather work gloves can be used for the following purposes:

Gardening - If you are the kind of person who likes growing plants, flowers, or trees, you know that doing garden related stuff without wearing anything on your hands is not advisable. You've probably been cut by rose thorns, suffered abrasions due to the rough tree bark, or spent a considerable time washing your hands to get rid of the soil, dirt or mud. Gardening gloves can protect your hands from injuries, minimizing the risk of infection due to cuts and wounds.

Best Leather Work Gloves

Carpentry – Doing carpentry work is necessary whenever a home repair is needed due to storm damage or by plain wear and tear. Leather work gloves provide hand protection when using a hammer, screw driver, or saw. They can prevent or minimize blisters, abrasions and bruises.

Best Leather Work Gloves

Construction – A construction worker’s hands is his most important body part. Whether he is using a shovel, rake or grinder, construction work gloves can help protect his hands from impact or friction injury. Being exposed to the elements on the job site, a construction worker also needs to shield his hands from extreme heat or extreme cold.​

Best Leather Work Gloves

Welding – Whether it is plasma cutting, soldering or spot welding, a welder needs to have a firm grip on his or her (there is an increasing number of female welders) welding equipment. The main risk to welders is suffering burns due to the kind of work that they do. Choosing a glove with the right thickness to safeguard the hands yet offers a steady grip is important.​

Best Leather Work Gloves

Automotive - A mechanic deals with a lot of engine parts, not to mention motor oil, grease, brake and transmission fluids. These materials stick to the hands and are very hard to get rid of. Some are even toxic and constant handling without protection is a health hazard. Automotive work gloves provide a safety barrier to minimize exposure to hazardous chemicals.​

Best Leather Work Gloves

Outdoor activities – Camping, hiking, or mountain climbing can be an enjoyable activity for family members or friends. You can explore the beauty of nature while bonding with people who are close to you. But the wild outdoors can expose you to certain risks, such as getting an infection from a cut, wound or abrasion (such as rope burns from mountain climbing). Tall grasses or thick bushes in the woods can cause hand injuries; soil or mud might harbour deadly bacteria. Going outdoors with no protective gear for your hands is risky; it is still better to wear leather work gloves.​

Best Leather Work Gloves

Types Of Work Gloves According To Material

There are different types of leather work gloves. Each has its own characteristics, making it ideal for a specific kind of work.

Cowhide is the usual and in-demand leather material used in making gloves. It is durable, comfortable and heat-resistant. Gloves made of cowhide are priced in the mid-range.

Pig skin has the characteristic of being porous (having small holes or openings); because of this, it can withstand moisture. It is flexible, durable and abrasion-resistant; it can also be washed without losing its form.

Deer skin is comfortable, supple, and flexible. Compared to other types of leather, deer skin is warm to the touch.

Goat skin is considered as the toughest and strongest material for work gloves. It is resistant to abrasions and is waterproof.

Synthetic leather is a material made of microfibers, polyester or spandex. It resembles the feel of genuine leather yet offers more dexterity, flexibility and it is machine-washable too.​

Picture below shows the differences among the most popular hides used in the welding industry (from: http://jtillman.com/)

The Best Leather Work Gloves

Via http://jtillman.com/

​How To choose The Right Thumb Design For Work Gloves

Leather work gloves come in 4 different thumb designs:   

Straight Thumb

Wing Thumb

Keystone Thumb


Thumb Design For Work Gloves
Thumb Design For Work Gloves
Thumb Design For Work Gloves
Thumb Design For Work Gloves

Via http://www.blackstallion.com/

Straight-thumb design features minimal stitching; the seam is around the thumb. It is recommended for ordinary or light activities.

Winged-thumb design offers more flexibility; it is ideal for activities that require pulling or pushing.

Keystone-thumb design is the best work gloves design if you want ultimate comfort and flexibility. Reinforced stitching allows maximum grip and strength.

Reversible A symmetric design where a worn-out glove can be removed, flipped over, and placed on the other hand for use.

Put in mind the kind of activity you are going to use the work gloves for. It could be light, medium, or heavy. The different thumb designs are suited for a specific kind of work.

Cuff Styles For Work Gloves

A cuff is the part of the glove that surrounds your wrist. There are different cuff styles for leather work gloves.

The Knit cuff is usually 2 to 3 inches long and is tight fitting. The Slip-on cuff is easy to put on and remove. The Safety cuff has a side slit which allows the user to remove the gloves quickly during an emergency situation. A Gauntlet cuff is long (usually 4 inches) and offers protection not only to the wrist but to the forearm as well. Lastly, the Knitwrist cuff gathers leather in parallel rows to provide more comfort.

Cuff Styles Leather Work Gloves

Via www.saf-t-glove.com/

Choose From These 5 Leather Work Gloves

1. Parva Garden Thorn Proof Gloves

Best Leather Work Gloves

Via Amazon.com

​The Parva Garden Thorn Proof Gloves are the best work gloves for gardening chores. You can use these gloves when you are pruning your beautiful (but thorny) roses, blackberry and raspberry bushes, poison ivy, or any other spiny plants.

These gloves offer protection from punctures so you can breathe a sigh of relief when dealing with thorny plants or bushes. The exceptional thing about this product is the extra-long gauntlet cuffs, which extend protection up to the forearms. It can protect you from pricks, cuts, and scratches (the usual injuries suffered when gardening).​


  • Heavy duty and durable.
  • These gloves have long sleeves protecting not only the hands, but the forearm as well
  • Resistant to punctures
  • It features Kevlar stitching and double reinforced padded palm
  • Ideal for use when working on any kind of plant


  • Movement can be restricted because of the long sleeves
  • Finding the right sized gloves can be an issue
  • It is a bit stiff

2. Wells Lamont Full Leather Work Gloves

Best Leather Work Gloves

Via Amazon.com

Best Leather Work Gloves

Via Amazon.com

​These gloves are made from cowhide leather and offer protection from abrasions or punctures. They are flexible and can be used for almost any kind of work or function. It features a Gunn cut which ensures that it will fit comfortably in your hands.

It also has a Keystone-thumb design, which blends with the contours of your fingers, ensuring maximum grip. One feature that is noteworthy about these gloves is the adjustable 'ball and tape' wrist closure, making certain of a perfect fit.


  • Very comfortable
  • Made from high quality cowhide leather
  • Adjustable and fits perfectly in your hands
  • Affordable price
  • It is available in different sizes ranging from small to XXL


  • The thickness can sometimes affect control and precision
  • Issues with finding the right size
  • Loose stitching in some cases

3. Carhartt Men's Full Grain Leather Work Gloves

Best Leather Work Gloves

via Amazon.com

The Carhartt Men's Full Grain Leather Work Gloves is made from 100% genuine 'full grain' cowhide leather. Full grain means it comes from the external portion of a hide. It is durable and feels like velvet or suede.

These gloves can be used for a variety of purposes such as automotive related work, driving, even gardening. The thickness is just right, allowing for precise control and movement.


  • You can adjust the fit thru its 'ball and tape' closure
  • Hand washable
  • Lightweight
  • Thickness is just right
  • Priced reasonably even though it is made from genuine leather


  • Some issues with loose stitching
  • Finding the right size can be challenging
  • Not ideal for heavy labour

4. Roman Jobs Work Gloves for Men

Best Leather Work Gloves

Via Amazon.com

These multi-purpose gloves are made from split cow leather, which means that it is sourced from the underside portion of a hide. Split leather is more affordable compared to full grain leather. It is soft and comfortable to use.

You can use these gloves for welding, mechanical work, driving, gardening and construction. They are heat resistant and will protect your hands from cuts and abrasions.


  • Good all-around work gloves for a variety of tasks
  • Offers protection from extreme temperatures
  • Price is affordable
  • Good value for money
  • Very flexible


  • Inconsistency in the seams and stitching
  • Finding the right size that fits can be challenging
  • In some cases, the length of the fingers are uneven

5. Custom Leathercraft Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

Best Leather Work Gloves

Via Amazon.com

If you are looking for durable gloves that will protect your hands in any working condition, the Custom Leathercraft work gloves are good for you. It is made from 50% synthetic leather, while the rest are made from polyester, PVC, elastic band and foam.

The palms are padded with microfibers for added protection against impact and friction. Cuffs are equipped with a 'wing closing' strap ensuring a perfect fit.


  • Offers maximum grip and control
  • Flexible and stretchable
  • Good for tasks that require precision
  • Easy to fit
  • Very comfortable


  • Synthetic leather
  • Not very thick
  • May not hold up for a long time if used on heavy labour


There are several factors to consider in choosing the best leather work gloves on the market. For me, the 2 most important factors are functionality and quality. You need gloves that you can use for different applications, so you can get a lot of tasks done. Quality is also very important so that you can be assured that the product will last a long time (good value for money).

Taking into account all of these, my top pick for best leather work gloves is the Roman Jobs work gloves for men. They are good all-around gloves that can be used on a variety of tasks. The gloves are comfortable, durable and heat resistant. It is also affordable so you get your money’s worth.​

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