How To Prevent Basement Drain Backing Up- Easy Steps

By Kenvin F / October 3, 2016

One thing that most of us worry about especially those that are very concerned with improving their homes’ overall appearance and status is the emergence of the problems associated with it.

It is quite bothering and troublesome to solve those issues at home especially if they require professional to work on them, and you’ve got nothing but a clueless mind as to what you are going to do.


One basic example would be when washing clothes or using the washer; the water cannot completely go out through the main line. To add to that is the problem regarding after taking a shower.

Prevent Basement Drain Backing Up


Now, you’re caught up between calling for a professional that can easily offer you a solution to the problem and deciding if you could perhaps fix it yourself without spending a single penny.

Whatever your concerns are, we are here to help you give you useful tips and ideas if you are experiencing your basement drain backing up and hopefully, we will be able to help you with this article.

Addressing The Problem

It is stressful to know that your basement floor has unwanted wastes from unknown sources and you have a sudden flood in your basement. First of all, the very first thing you should know is whether it originated from your sewer system, the scenario wherein the waste keeps going back which is also called as “backflow” or the wastes from your home simply cannot go out of the line.

Prevent Basement Drain Backing Up


That being said, in general, your line may experience blockage due to the roots that have crept into your line. It can also be because of something that you have flushed down your toilet which blocked the pipe. As such, the backing up of your basement drain happens.

Now, what if it is your waste at home that is causing basement drain backing up? I bet you are shaking your head right now. I mean, it is nasty, and you don’t want it, of course, on your basement floor. However, wastes coming from other houses or your neighborhood might also be the reason why you are experiencing it.

If it’s the case, the thing is that your system simply cannot endure a high level of water during heavy rain. You should bear in your mind that if your lowest drain is lower than the level of the rise of water caused by heavy rain, you will be more likely to experience basement problems.

Backwater Valve

One effective way of avoiding basement drain backing up to occur is to install a gate to have the reverse flowing stop. These gates can be inserted manually, and you can also turn it close. Therefore, we recommend you this “backwater valve” which is also referred to as “backflow preventers.”

Prevent Basement Drain Backing Up


These work by closing the sewer system when the flow is flowing reversely. It is automatic and very convenient. You will no longer have to worry about it. Moreover, even if you are at work, vacation or any appointment, you will not bother yourself thinking about it anymore.

There will be times when the sewer system of the city where you are living is clogged. Obviously, people will not be able to monitor it immediately so they will keep on doing their thing at home.

During this case, the water will be backing up into the neighborhood’s empty pipes. Without the backwater valve, the sewage will rise and proceed to the basements.

Therefore, it is recommended for you to have a working backwater valve at your home. It is even advisable to have this even if your home sits on a high elevation from the ground. Possessing it, you will never have to be bothered by sudden sewer surges.

Furthermore, many think that they can solve the basement problem by just inserting a plug. However, the problem will just arise again when the groundwater goes in, and there is no mainline backup.

Also, if the water happened to come to your basement, the force of it will just push it up, therefore, enabling the water to enter your basement. With that in mind, having a backwater valve at your home is the best option.

Prevent Basement Drain Backing Up


Nevertheless, if you want to have more options in preventing it to happen and addressing other basement water problems, you can do the below. These are very simple and easy steps which can help solve your problems regarding your basement.

These Are Three Simple And Easy Steps To Prevent Basement Drain Backing Up


If you are trying to save money, don’t want to spend on equipment or payments for professional’s service, you can opt for the cheapest and easiest way to avoid basement water issues which are adding or reshaping a landscape.

How to fix your existing landscape at home? We know that if the soil near your basement walls can be saturated by water. Therefore, having a good strategic landscape is very much recommended by us. The required distance is about 6 feet. Take note also that there must be no trees planted nearer than that of 3 feet from those basement walls.

Gutter Extensions

A waterspout at your home serves as a way that guides the rain from your gutter down it. This is commonly vertical and acts as an extension to the ground level.

That being said, you can add gutter extensions so that water pours farther from it. However, we know that these are not for the long run. If you want to solve it within a long-term, the underground pipe can be your lifesaver. It can move gutter farther than those extensions. It requires you $10/ft to pay for a landscaper or a contractor who will be the one to dig and install it.

Footing Drains

If there are leakages from below your basement, it can be because of hydrostatic pressure which causes the water to move up from the ground.

The first thing that you must do is to check if there are footing drains present at your home. Moreover, if you suspect that you have clogged drains, you must open the cleanout and use a hose to flush your pipes. If it does not solve the problem, you can call a plumber who has a prediction to do the task needed for $600.


Finally, we have already come to the conclusion of this tutorial. Now, let me ask you this question. Have you enjoyed reading the article so far? We hope sp. Following all information and guidelines that are mentioned here will help you solve your basement drain backing up easier and more effective.

Furthermore, there are additional solutions that we listed which may be helpful to you too. If you have something in your mind right now, do not hesitate to say it in the comment section. We will be more than glad if you share this article as well.

Thank you for reading!

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