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Hi…We are Sharon C and Kenvin F,  founder of HandleMyhome.com

We bought the first house ten years ago. Initially, we had to spend a reserve fund for the maintenance and repair of housing annually. That amount is not a small because most repair something when it broken and must call repairer. In later years this work we almost homemade, except for some work that requires highly specific people. It not only helps us to significantly reduce spending, also bring joy, cohesion between us.

This site hopes to help you have a basic understanding of the system constructed homes, the operation and maintenance issues, maintenance of the house. We hope you have the knowledge to help repair the basics, as well as the issue should not be made to avoid more complex problems leading to cost costly or unsafe.

In the Blog, We have put forward recommendations purchase some products that rely on the use we deem necessary and useful; These are our affiliate marketing. 

Wish you find useful information to help you in the actual repair, improvement a sweet home.

Sharon C and Kenvin F.

E-mail: Kenvin.handlemyhome@gmail.com